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Virtual Classroom

Online learning already supports millions of students all over the world by combining a cost effective learning programme with the support of a remote tutor.

Now students can be a part of this and study with inlingua Cheltenham from a distance either as an individual, with their study group or through their employment.

Our flexibility, dedication and up to the minute technology will be the key to your success in online language learning.


We can offer you the following options online:

  • One to one classes with our teachers in Cheltenham.
  • Remotely connected classes in different locations of your company offices worldwide.
  • Recorded lessons that you can store and watch in your own time.
  • Transmission of live taught lessons to your company employees


General English Online Courses (Elementary to Advanced Level)
Summary Number of Hours Cost per Hour
Companies can use the Virtual Classroom portal for individual or group courses where that group is in the same company or spread over a number of its subsidiaries or partner companies around the world. The Virtual Classroom can be used effectively with groups of up to 8 individuals at a time with a teacher 10 £70
20 £60
50 £55

Price includes: Access through our Webex portal with teacher led lesson presentations either to individual terminals or transmitting out to a group. Each student will have access to their own Individual Learning Path (ILP) during this training period.