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State School Placement

There are many local state schools which we have formed a relationship with and a number of them are happy to work with us in accepting well- educated students from overseas. The school will offer the full curriculum to students who are at a language level to cope with the demands of studying at this level.
This course is for EU/EEA students from the ages of 15-17 who would join the GCSE or A level study period. GCSE year students study at least 10 subjects and A level students study 3 or 4 subjects. State schools in the UK run a three term year that starts in September, January and April and students can join in for one, two or all three school terms
We will arrange accommodation and help with any issues that arise during the student’s time here and try to match the student with a child in the family that attends the same school to ensure full integration. We can also arrange a guardian, if needed, for an extra cost.

State School placement

Please note, terms start in September, January and April

Please note that the prices above are for the placement only, please add Homestay Accommodation (Full board homestay is £155 per week), school uniform, school expenses for any trips and transfers from and to the airport. inlingua Cheltenham will organise homestay accommodation for you.

State School Placement With EAP Preparation
Summary Code Term Cost
4 weeks (30 lessons (22.5 hours) per week) language training at inlingua Cheltenham followed by State School Placement in a local school ESSP 1 1 Term £4950
ESSP 2 2 Terms £7995
ESSP 3 3 Terms £9995
State School Placement Without EAP Preparation
Summary Code Term Cost
School placement at a local state school in the Cheltenham area for 1, 2 or 3 terms SSP 1 1 Term £3950
SSP 2 2 Terms £6995
SSP 3 3 Terms £9250