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A new year and resolutions mean that many people will want to try and move their lives to the next stage. This could be further education, a new job, a new start abroad. Many people will want to improve their language skills and at this time of year, this is when we get the most enquiries, people who are looking to change their lives for the better and learn a new language for the first time.

However, what about those who aren’t quite beginners and have reached ‘The Wall’? There is always room for improvement, but you just cannot break past it. Now is just the time to put all that aside and make 2017 the year that you make the progress that you need to for learning your language whether it be for school or business.

Today, we talk about the top reasons why a student hits ‘The Wall’ and how to fix it.

  1. You Don’t Want It Enough

Without a motivation such as a big presentation or a university place, many students may not make the progress that they would expect. It’s the same as anything: writing a novel, losing weight, most people need to have a goal in mind and without a specific target, you can just procrastinate.

Give yourself a reason whether it be looking for a new job where you need English skills or take a holiday and resolve to converse in the native language. It will lend a focus to your learning like no other.

  1. You Are Not Doing Enough to Progress

As much as imagining about doing something, you are never going to achieve it unless you actually DO it. Are you integrating your language training into your life enough? Be honest with yourself here. Some people take an immersion course in country (of course this is the way to make the best progress) but maybe that isn’t possible right now. That’s no problem, why aren’t you taking a few lessons locally or online or watching movies in English or dubbed? Why aren’t you listening to songs or ebooks in the target language? Why not get a pen friend? A bit of an ancient concept perhaps, but plenty of places to find one!

Make it a part of your life and you may break past that wall. We can help you with that with our online courses where you are e-mailed every day with a 15 minute lesson. Everyone can fit that into their day. Contact us if you would like to know more!

  1. You Are Making Excuses

Simply put. Don’t! Take responsibility. As mentioned above, there is plenty that you can do even if you are short of money or time. You can click here for more information about short term loans if you are interested. Meanwhile admit to yourself that you haven’t prioritised your language learning and resolve to either put it right and make the commitment with measurable targets and an end goal or agree that it isn’t a priority right now and revisit at another date. Maybe you wish to complete another qualification first or dedicate yourself to family life, and that’s okay – just don’t beat yourself up about it and keep adding it to your to-do list and get sad when it doesn’t work out for you.

  1. Why Are You Scared?

That’s right. Why are you scared? Are you procrastinating because you are afraid of making mistakes? Are you afraid of what might come if you do manage to learn the language to a good level? Some teachers find that student’s negative self-talk holds them back when learning something new. It could be something like ‘I’m not very good with languages’ or ‘what if they laugh at me if I make a mistake?’ or even ‘This is so much easier for young people’.

Anyone can learn a language – we learned our native ones as babies and we keep learning until our last day on earth. There is nothing to stop you from learning or using your language skills to help you change your life.

These are the main reasons for slowing down and stopping with your progress, but what would you do to Beat The Wall? Tell us in the comments!