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On 23 June 2016 a national referendum was held in the UK on whether to remain a member of the European Union (EU) or leave. The outcome was a 52% vote in favour of leaving the EU.

What happens now ?

Firstly, we need to remember, that just because the UK voted to leave the EU, it is not happening any time soon. The timescale is uncertain, the process of leaving the EU will not happen quickly, there is going to be a long period of negotiations as the UK establishes our new relationship with the European Union. For the immediate future, the UK remains a member of the EU.


Erasmus + funding will continue to be eligible while we remain a member of the EU and could well be extended beyond this.

The total revenue from EU students may actually increase. At the same time students from the outside the EU may find new visa rules to have more favourable conditions for international students.

Does this mean it is more expensive to travel to the UK?

This effectively means that travel to the UK is 15% cheaper than it was before Brexit. This means that as an EU student you are not only still welcome to stay, work and study in the UK and London, your stay will be cheaper. This means you can stay longer, study more or even shop a little more.

Do I know need a visa?

Students from EU countries will be able to come to the UK as they do now with just their passport or ID cards. There will be no need for visas and they will be welcome to work (as now) to support their studies.

Our priority at Inlingua Cheltenham is to work with this outcome and to ensure we achieve the best outcomes for our staff, students and the wider community.