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The reason why many people choose inlingua Cheltenham as a destination is partly due to how close it is to many of the interesting towns and cities that many people would like to go to when visiting the UK.

Today we will discuss some of the most famous, and some of the hidden gems that we visit from time to time as a part of our social programme.

Oxford – 1 hour from Cheltenham by car or bus

There cannot be any international student who hasn’t heard of or doesn’t want to visit Oxford. It is the oldest university town in the UK and its prestige and history cannot possibly be ignored. The architecture is fabulous, there is many things to do and there are plenty of photo opportunities for showing your friends back home that you have been to Oxford. The shopping is good too, so it’s an all round favourite.

Bath – 1 hour from Cheltenham by car or train

This is another famous university town that has a fantastic attraction – the Roman Baths. This has many of the original features at the attraction. Other attractions include its fashion museum, sightseeing a-plenty and beautiful parks to sit in and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

Stonehenge – 1 hour and 30 minutes from Cheltenham by car

Yes it is a formation of very large rocks, we can’t deny that… but the mystery! How did it happen? How did they put the rocks on top of one another like that without the engineering knowledge? Why did they put the rocks in that order? What on earth did it mean to these people? Once you start thinking like that and you start to discuss the theories, you will be hooked too! It is one of the oldest mysteries this country has!

Now we have the most famous ones out the way – let’s go for three off the beaten path!

Hay on Wye – 1 hour and 30 minutes from Cheltenham by car

If you love books and the idea of rare books, first editions, etc make you feel all tingly on the inside then you need to visit Hay on Wye. It is famous for its independent bookshops, specialising in many rare and first editions of books. You will be guaranteed that you will not come away empty handed.

Weston Super Mare – 1 hour and 30 minutes from Cheltenham by car or train

The great British seaside is something that many English people hold close to their hearts. We remember days out and holidays by the sea as children. We remember eating fish and chips on the beach and spending all of our pocket money in the arcade and walking down the pier or watching the boats come into the marina. Nowhere in the UK is no further than 70 miles away from the beach and no trip to the UK is complete without at least a little look at one of the beaches the country has to offer. The closest one to Cheltenham is Weston Super Mare and boasts one of the longest piers in the country and the beach itself has its own charm – if the tide ever comes in that is! The town also has a helicopter museum and some shops which is perfect for visitors who perhaps are a little ‘beached out’.

Snowshill Manor – 50 minutes from Cheltenham by car

This is the wild card that you will be glad you listened to and visited. It’s a National Trust property with a glorious garden. Set amongst the lavender fields of Worcestershire, this small manor house belonged to a man that these days we would say he had a problem with hoarding… although back then, it was called collecting. From old printer presses to samurai swords and clothing, Charles Wade lovingly restored the house to house his amazing collection.

Visiting the cities of the UK isn’t just about collecting stamps of the typical places that tourists tend to go and those cities are definitely worth visiting, but anyone who is passionate for really seeing the country should go deeper than the big cities. The country has so much to offer and the terrain is so varied from countryside to city to beach, no two towns are the same.

We urge our students to try and discover as much as they can while they are in the UK. With so many places being only an hour away – even by public transport, life gets in the way despite our best intentions, so do it now while you are in Cheltenham!